Northern California Live Sound Reinforcement - Groove Sounds

Do you need a great DJ?  Do you need a great DJ at a great price?  Welll give Groove Sounds a call and we will prepare a DJ package that suits your needs and budget!!


Groove Sounds is licensed and insured that is required at most public and private venues.


We will customize all of our songs to your exact specifications.  We will have a equipment loaded and tested prior to guest arrival.


Whether it is a wedding, corporate event, fundraiser, or private party, Groove Sounds will be there to suit your needs. 


Our company is run by musicians and DJs and know that having a high quality sound system with a great engineer will make your band or event sound 1000 times better. So if you are having a great show, outdoor or indoor event, but don't own great sound equipment, give Groove Sound a call! We have multiple PA Systems for rent depending on your needs and size of show.


We also offer LED lighting to put the icing on the cake!


Give John a call now at 916-873-2257 for your customized price quote.


Customer Service

Groove Sounds strives to meet and exceed each customers needs.  We have plenty of satisfied customers that utilize our services each year because they need a dependable commited company that is flexible enough to suit their ever changing needs.


Sound Quality

Groove  Sounds uses JBL speakers exclusively.  JBL has delivered top quality sound for decades.  That's why we choose JBL


Whether it is a festival, wedding, club, or corporate event, Groove Sounds has the experience to help your event flow smoothly.

phone: 916-873-2257