Northern California Live Sound Reinforcement - Groove Sounds


We have a wide variety of equipment that is sure to fit your specific Rider needs!  If your knowledge of professional PA equipment is limited, please be assured that we only use top notch equipment for all of our clients small to large.



Staff - Professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff who get the work done right!

JBL Speakers - lightweight and the most powerful on the market! We have 5 full systems.  Powered and passive.  From single 3 way speakers for DJ or small event to 8 sub systems.  Our passive systems feature JBL SRX models.  Our active systems feature JBL PRX 500, 600 and 700 series speakers.


Active Line Arrays - Our active line arrays feature the RCF HDL-20A series fully adjustable line array speakers.  Crystal clean with a warm and balanced sound.


Midas Digital Mixers - Groove Sounds is proud to feature Midas Consoles newest digital 40 input, 16 out M32 mixer.  The board sounds excellent and has famed Midas Pro Series preamps and faders.


Avid Digital Mixers - Groove Sounds partners with other local sound providers and can supply AVID Venue series consoles to meet your rider needs, specifically the AVID SC-48 and AVID Profile systems.

Presonus Digital Mixers - Presonus digital consoles are known for their ease of use and great sound.  Groove Sounds has several of these boards for use and rentals.

Allen and Heath and Soundcraft - Analog Mixers.

Crown and QSC Amplifiers - The best of the best clean power amplification.

Microphones - Wired and wireless.  We prefer Shure microphones and carry other brands including, AKG, AT, Crown, and Line 6 wireless.

Front of House Racks - TC Electronic D Two delay, Lexicon, and Yamaha.  DBX drive racks, feedback eliminators and EQs.

Side of Stage Mixing Capability - We have the ability to set equipment side of stage and mix remotely from anywhere in the venue or event!

Live Recording - We can record up to 26 channels at once at 24 bit, 48 khz.  Mixdown with Sonar X or Pro Tools.

Lighting - All of our lighting is low powered and LED so we do not require extra circuits for lighting.  Groove Sounds uses Global 12" box truss with lifts and other tower options, fully DMX capable.



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Customer Service

Groove Sounds strives to meet and exceed each customers needs.  We have plenty of satisfied customers that utilize our services each year because they need a dependable commited company that is flexible enough to suit their ever changing needs.



Sound Quality

Groove  Sounds uses JBL speakers exclusively.  JBL has delivered top quality sound for decades.  That's why we choose JBL.


Whether it is a festival, wedding, club, or corporate event, Groove Sounds has the experience to help your event flow smoothly.

phone: 916-873-2257